Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution


Modern electronic technology emits several types of electromagnetic frequency pollution. Recent medical research determined that wifi and cell phone signals have a negative effect on plants and animals. 



Vegetables are one of the biggest avenues to health. Microgreens are actually tiny vegetables, but they are packed with even more nutrition than can be found at the grocery stores! Boosting and protecting our immune system can help improve our body's natural defense system. Microgreens are the best because they have 20x higher nutrient content than mature vegetables which can naturally boost the immune system.

Dynamic Strap


Correct posture is a path to getting rid of chronic pain. Too much sitting and a sedentary lifestyle puts pressure on the bones and ligaments eventually leading to chronic pain in the spine and neck. 

Pain Relief Pad (Coming soon!)


Metals like copper are often used for therapeutic bracelets for people with arthritis or sore and stiff hands or extremities. This new product utilizes pure copper in the form of a pad to be placed on the knees, feet, ankles, anywhere not normally accessible with typical therapeutic copper bracelets.

Pure Copper Therapeutic Bracelets (Coming soon!)

Many people deal with chronic hand pain and pure copper has been used for centuries as a traditional therapy. These American handmade pure copper bracelets will provide lasting pain relief while being stylish and contemporary.