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A natural way to improving your health.

Protect yourself and your family from EMF

Life Products Direct ​specializes in products and techniques to help mitigate anxiety and chronic pain. Learn how easy it can be maintaining a calm and collected demeanor, enjoying deep restful sleep and experiencing all natural relief!

Our team advances new products and techniques based on our own needs and experiences, testing and developments and then we pass on that knowledge to all our customers! Our products are passive, all natural and safe, without the intrusive or over taxing methods found in everyday health care programs.

Available Products

  • Pain Relief Pads-coming soon!

  • Pain Relief Blankets-coming soon!

  • EMF protection products


Nic Garza

COO and Senior Researcher

Natural scientist in Biology and Ecology 

Nic Garza makes the goals of Life Products Direct attainable and realistic! With over 10 years of experience in scientific research, Nic Garza is the primary developer of the products bringing you that full night's sleep and that much needed relief from chronic stress and illness!

Having successfully recommended all natural alternative treatments to the doctors of many of his own clients, friends and family, Nic Garza continues to develop novel techniques and products, services and healthy lifestyle options so necessary in today's fast paced world!


Sue Li

CFO and Yoga Therapist

Yoga Teacher, Leading Developer

Sue Li offers a comprehensive expertise in the ancient and mysterious practice of yoga meditation. With her deep insights into the nature of the human spirit,  Sue Li pilots the product development process with the fundamental understanding of one of the world's most respected traditions.

Being primarily concerned with relieving the mind, body and spirit of unnecessary pain and emotional baggage, Sue Li prides herself in being able to identify key aspects pivotal to the functionality of the products and techniques being offered here at Life Products Direct.

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