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Pure copper has been found to be an affordable and effective source of electromagnetic interference shielding as well as electromagnetic frequency shielding.  The Sun Medallion brought to you by offers members the capability of protecting themselves and even their pets. Drape this medallion over little fluffy or little Billy or anyone else you want to protect from EMF pollution! Great for also hanging over sources of high EMF pollution like WIFI routers, Smart meters, TVs, computers and more! Doctors have found that as we age, many of us suffer from copper deficiency which contributes to many chronic illnesses. The Life Products Pure Copper Sun Medallion is composed of pure .9999 American Copper. Simply Wearing the Sun Medallion on one's skin will introduce the vital nutrient via absorption through perspiration.  Check out the video above of the Sun Medallion absorbing EMF radiation from a WIFI router. 


National Library of Medicine Behavioral Effects of Electromagnetic Fields


Microwave Frequency Shielding of Copper


Remarkable Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Copper


Gamma Ray Shielding Effectiveness of Copper Based Cements


EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Copper


Millimeter Wave Electromagnetic Interference Shielding by Copper Film 


Copper Deficiency in Older Adults

Sun Medallion Pendant Pure Copper EMF Shield

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