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1 inch sizing for copper circle
Wipe your copper sticker down with a soft cloth to keep it nice and shiny!

You can even use glasses cleaner or rubbing alcohol, lemon juice or ketchup to make it even more reflective. Catches the sun beautifully!

Pure copper has been found to be an affordable and effective source of electromagnetic interference shielding as well as electromagnetic frequency shielding. The copper cellphone EMF stickers brought to you by offers members the capability of protecting themselves and even their pets. Stick this sticker on little fluffy or little Billy or anyone else you want to protect from EMF pollution! Great for also sticking on sources of high EMF pollution like WIFI routers, Smart meters, TVs, computers and more!

For more information about the effectiveness of copper as electromagnetic shielding visit our website

Microwave Frequency Shielding of Copper
Remarkable Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Copper
Gamma Ray Shielding Effectiveness of Copper Based Cements
EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Copper
Millimeter Wave Electromagnetic Interference Shielding by Copper Film
Copper Deficiency in Older Adults

Pure Copper EMF Cellphone Stickers 99.99%

PriceFrom $32.22
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