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Fine silver torc EMF Defender. Moldable for a custom fit, one size fits all.

American made, made to order, special custom fit, pure fine heavy silver circlet (4oz of .9999 purity). Pure silver has been found to absorb and block both electromagnetic pollution and interference. It's also great for arthritis. This piece is handmade in America, made to measure.

Pure silver has been found to be both an effective electromagnetic interference shielding as well as electromagnetic frequency shielding. Doctors have found pure silver can be used as a variety of therapies. The Life Products Pure Silver Torc is composed of pure .9999 American Silver.

Check out the video of the Silver Circlet absorbing EMF radiation from a wifi router!


The Royal Society of Chemistry "Outstanding electromagnetic interference shielding of silver nanowires"!divAbstract

Fine Silver Torc .999 EMF Defender

PriceFrom $77.77
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